What is Fast Build System

Fast Build System (FBS) uses innovative methods coupled with advance building technology that specially developed for residential and commercial buildings, its state-of-the-art innovation overtakes conventional building methods, using highly versatile building materials known as Foam Concrete (Lightweight Concrete) and Steel Profile Studs which are more durable and superior in quality compared to normal buildings materials. Pre-cast or cast in-situ finishing is generally more resilient than bricks and mortar to ensure the best quality.


We provide:

  • Technical consultation
  • New Innovative FBS Interlock Formwork System
  • Systematic solution of casting lightweight concrete house
  • Foam concrete mixer machinery, foam generator, foam concrete delivery pump, foam concrete blocks and etc. (customization is also available to suit your specific requirements)
  • FBS Fast Build System is consistent with Industrial Building System (IBS) concept

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