About Foam Concrete (Lightweight Concrete)

Foam concrete (Lightweight concrete) is a cement-bonded material manufactured by blending extremely fluid cement/ cement mortar slurry with stable foam. This process incorporates small-enclosed air bubbles within the mortar thereby making it lighter and possessing special properties such as low thermal conductivity and highly fire resistant. Compare to normal dense weight concrete, foam concrete does not explode when high intensity flame being held close to its surface. The density of foam concrete usually ranges from as low as 500kh/m3, therefore allowing it to be used in various applications such as pre-cast wall blocks, panels, floor and roof screeds, trench reinstatement, road foundations as well as void filling. Foam concrete is used for house casting as shown above.

Foam concrete (Lightweight concrete) can be easily manufactured using FBS mixing plant that consist of FBS foam concrete mixer, FBS foam generator and FBS foam concrete hose pump. 

The mixing ratio of cement with different materials will directly affect the strength of the foam concrete. Different density of foam concrete can be applied depending on the features and the characteristics of the application.

Density 500-600kg/m3-(Cement + Foam)
Mostly used in areas where high insulating properties are required. Usually applied on rigid flooring, roof or floor to form the insulation against heat and sound.

Density 600-1000kg/m3-(Fine Sand + Cement + Foam)
Suitable to produce lightweight pre-cast blocks or panels for curtain and partition walls. Also commonly used as a thermal insulation and soundproofing screeds. Or being applied along the highway or expressway and also ideal for bulk fill application.

Density 1000-1200kg/m3-(Sand + Fiber + Cement + Foam)
Suitable to be used as concrete blocks, architectural ornamentation, partition walls, concrete slabs for roofing, flooring screeds and walkways.

Density 1200-1600kg/m3-(Sand + Fiber + Cement + Foam)
Most suitable to be used as pre-cast panels for normal or high rise commercial and industrial buildings. It is also used as garden ornaments, plus other usage where structural concrete of lightweight has many clear advantages. Best of all, it can be cast in-situ with FBS Interlock Formwork House Casting System.


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