Economic Construction

The formwork is standardized and prefabricated for easy handling while transferring to site.

Quick set up using less heavy machinery with easy affixation with innovative interlock system (approx. 10-day duration to completion for a wall of 800 square feet.

Foam concrete pouring for an 800 square feet wall only takes 1 day and requires 3 people to skin coat both internal and external wall, all done within 3 days.

Fast Build System Formwork (FBS) is almost 200% cheaper compared with conventional formwork as it can be reused over 50 times.

Other factors that contribute to this economical construction and cost effective include:

  • Reduce manpower by 50%
  • Added air bubble to reduce construction materials cost by 30%
  • Shorter construction period results in site management cost reduction
  • Less material wastage


Better Quality

Fast Build System (FBS) is an innovative in Building Technology, using highly versatile building materials known as Foam Concrete and Steel Profile Studs which are more reliable and superior in quality during pre-cast or cast in-situ to ensure better finishing and durability.

With its patented uniform and systematic formwork crafted from quality composite board and tensile steel stud, further enhanced by cutting-edge interlock system to ensure a smooth and even surface finishing to help safeguard a high quality in finishing. 

Environmentally Friendly

Fast Build System (FBS) products are designed based on its core value deprived from Eco Green concept, this helps to eradicate:

  • Deforestation
  • Timber wastage
  • Soil erosion
  • Open burning
  • CO2 emission that causes air pollution and fog
  • The use of air-conditioning because of its anti-thermal properties which contribute to Energy Saving
  • All materials used are 100% recyclable