About FOAM CONCRETE (Lightweight Concrete) - an ECO GREEN Material

It does not produce any toxic substances

Its Thermal Conductivity feature helps Foam Concrete to retain heat or cold and eventually reduce the usage of energy/power, ultimately preserving our environment.


How to Produce Foam Concrete (Lightweight Concrete)

By mixing Slurry Mortar (Cement + fine sand + fiber + water) with Stable Air Bubbles Foam which generated by using FBS FOAM GENERATOR.

FBS MIXER SYSTEM produces Foam Concrete (Lightweight Concrete) with various density ranges from 600 kg/m3 to 1600 k/m3 depending on the materials ratio during the mixing.


Foam Concrete (Lightweight Concrete) Benefits:
  • Reliability
    Foam Concrete (Lightweight Concrete) is long-lasting. It increases its solidity by the year. It does not decompose and is as tenacious as a rock. Such material replicates those from ancient times, people were using mud mixed with rice straw to build houses that last for hundreds of years.
  • Good Thermal Conductivity 
    Foam concrete (Lightweight Concrete) is very effective as Isolating Material. Buildings constructed using Foam Concrete are able to accumulate heat and cold which remarkably minimising the usage of air-conditioning or heating system. It is ideal material for 4 season countries with hot and cold climates.
  • Better Fire Resistance
    Foam concrete (Lightweight Concrete)
    is highly Fire Resistant. Tests results showed that a 150mm width foam concrete is able to withstand fire for at least 2 hours.
  • Quicker Construction Period
    As Foam Concrete is Lightweight, it is created for easy handling/ delivery either to cast in-situ or during prefabrication as blocks in large sizes with high accuracy in dimensions. This indirectly increases the construction speed by many folds. House cast by Foam Concrete is fairly manageable to make channels and holes for electrical wiring, sockets and plumping installation.  
  • Profit Margin
    Foam concrete (Lightweight Concrete)
    saves you money not only during occupancy but less expenses on heating and air-conditioning in the house. In terms of construction processes, it is cheaper to deliver, build, construct foundation, pilling and plastering. Not to mention, it is easy to craft various shapes of corners and arches with readymade formwork system.
  • Lightweight material
  • Require less manpower
  • Eco- friendly and many more!