Advantages of FBS

With FBS formwork system, building a shell wall with doors and windows frame of a house measuring 800ft, only require approximately 10 days to complete. It only takes 6 hours for foam concrete pouring process and it is quicker to build compared to the normal conventional method.


Highly durable material that continues to increase its solidarity even after production, best of all, it is non biodegradable and does not disintegrate.


FBS Formwork
and its accessories can be reused for over 50 times or more.


Highly effective when used as an insulating material. Buildings that are constructed from foam concrete are able to minimise the usage of heater and air conditioning. It is an ideal material for 4 season countries with hot and cold climates. Temperature will increase from 3˚C to 6˚C in cold weather country and decrease from 6˚C to 3˚C in hot weather country.


Foam concrete is highly fire resistant compared to normal dense weight concrete.


Compared to a normal brick, blocks formed by foam concrete is much lighter and more accurate in dimension, it can be produced in large sizes which indirectly reduce the construction time. It is also easy to cut and hack for electrical conduit installation, water piping and etc.

As foam concrete is easy to produce, light and easy to handle, it requires less manpower for construction, eventually reduces labour cost.


FBS Formwork
can be recycled and also less construction materials used during construction process. It is eco-friendly, it does not produce any toxic substance. And due to its effectiveness as an isolating material, It helps to preserve the cold or heat within the building which indirectly help to minimise the usage of air conditioning or heaters. FAST Build System (FBS) can be recycled and used over 50 times! It means less construction materials used or wastage.



  • Reduce manpower by 50%
  • Reduce construction materials by 30%
  • Reduce site management cost
  • Minimum material wastage